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Affiliated to The Tamil Nadu. Dr. M. G. R Medical University, Chennai and Approved by PCI, New Delhi.

A Group with Maximum AUTONOMOUS Institutions


about Us


To emerge as the most preferred pharmacy education institute with global recognition and developing competent and socially sensitive pharmacists committed to healthcare needs of society.


To develop students as global citizen with conscience, commitment and dedication.
To create world class facilities and ambience for advanced level of teaching, research and practical training.
To recruit and retain highly motivated and qualified faculty to promote the cause of teaching and learning.

Our Leaders

The Supporters of Future Gen!

Our leaders set the base for the academic, intellectual, and creative work that runs all around our campus. Committed to excellence in all areas, the leaders of our institutions ensure that we adapt and respond to contemporary issues, create an inclusive community and foster an environment for the wellness of our surroundings.


Dr. S. N. Subbramanian


Dr. S. Rajalakshmi

Design thinker

dr. s. nalin vimal kumar


SRI SNS Charitable Trust was established in the year 1997 with a philanthropic outlook of serving the society in the fields of Education, Health and Industry. The trustees are highly educated, dynamic and humane personalities with rich experience and wide knowledge in the fields of Engineering, Medicine and Higher Education. The trustees are taking chronic and concrete efforts in working for the development of the society in these fields by starting various educational institutions in a phased manner.


To create student centered learning approaches such as Project Based Learning, Hands-on Training, Tutorials and Puzzle Based Assignments for improving the critical thinking skills of the students.


To serve in the fields of Industry, Higher Education and Medicine with the motto of Sincerity, Nobility and Service to serve the society through several Educational Institutions.

From Principal's Desk

It is my pleasure to welcome you to SNS College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Education opens up the mind, expands it and allows you to improve your life in so many ways. That’s why, we are not teaching a student a lesson for a day but teaching him to learn by creating curiosity, so that he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. The students will step into the college, filled with hope and dreams of scaling new heights, it is the responsibility of institutions to encourage, guide and support them to achieve. In our college, we are encouraging our students to be design thinkers to attain their goal within no time. We are inculcating the students on five pillars viz., Center for Learning and Teaching (Design thinking based academic learning), Skill and Career Development (Building life skills (Social, Emotional & Cognitive) & Business skills through various clubs), Center for Creativity (Hands on experience to solve key industrial problems through latest technologies), Industry Institute Partnership Cell (Connecting & Learning business sense with top industries), and Social Responsibility Initiatives (Giving back to the society through social service). The special emphasis is on Outcome based Education and Experiential Learning. The college has the privilege of having a healthy, harmonious ambience and rich values which have played pivotal role in shaping the future of innumerable students. Spine activity center in SNS is a breath-taking and unique among all colleges in India. We have specially developed a sports environment viz., swimming pool, indoor cricket, fitness center, art room, dance studio, music studio, air hockey, billiards, indoor shuttle badminton, tennis, basketball, volleyball, Foosball, cinema theater, roof top restaurant etc., that matches international standards and gives a truly global experience to all our students to shape one’s personality and maintaining good health. On behalf of our institution, I assure you that nurturing and caring environment will blossom you into empowered and sensitive human being. I am sure that you will appreciate the dynamic and caring culture that is so much a part of our wonderful college.

Our Institutions

We started our journey in 1997 through SRI SNS Charitable Trust with a philanthropic outlook of serving the society in the fields of Education, Health and Industry. Ever since the inception of SRI SNS Charitable Trust, we have been expanding its wide spectrum of educational streams from pre-school to advanced levels of graduate and post graduate programmes in Arts, Science, Education, Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, Allied Health Sciences and Research Centers.